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3 Aug 2013
Install Coin Generation on your PC... 30$ a month for doing absolutely nothing but turning on your PC!

- What is this about? -
An amazing passive autopilot which will give you dozens of dollars just the first month, and more and more the second and third one?
You can get up to 30$ just the first month and just for getting in, you can get WAY MORE, just by running the DigitalGeneration program in the background of your PC, to use its spare power for Digital Generation Inc (the program is, of course, completely harmless and can be tested by every antivirus on the market).
I repeat, you have to PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the program itself (you can earn more by spending on threads, or use the money you'll obtain the first month to start buying your threads yourselves). Get on my boat and you have 1 free dollar!
Limited slots for this one, hurry up!

- Notes on what you have to do to make considerable profit -
The only thing required to earn the 30$, and strongly suggested, is to have your PC turned on 24/7.
You don't have to if you don't want to, but you'll earn less for each hour it is turned off (15$ per month/12h per day, and so on).

Electrical consume and profit implications:
The electricity bill can go up to 15$ average for one month of PC always on, so your real earnings from the "free thread", would probably be always, on average, half. This doesn't apply if you don't pay your electricity bill directly or if you purchase just another thread (just two threads give you 60$ instead of the free 30$).
Having your PC always turned on doesn't affect much the lifespan of your machine.

- Custom Deal -
If you want to spend a little or some more to maximize your profit instead of just grabbing the freebies, contact me! It'd be wonderful for me, so I'm more than open to a personalized cashback on your first purchase!
If you buy at least one thread (not counting the free one), there are no conditions for the cashback! You'll receive the sum I will mention.
1 thread (FREE) = Up to 30 $ monthly = 1 $ cashback
3 threads (150$) = Up to 90 $ monthly = 10 $ cashback
5 threads (250$) = Up to 150 $ monthly = 30 $ cashback
10 threads (500$) = Up to 300 $ monthly = 50 $ cashback
25 threads (1250$) = Up to 750 $ monthly = 150 $ cashback

- Accepted Payment Processors for the offer -
Payza/ Solidtrustpay
Sign up under me, confirm your account via SMS, buy your threads/get your free thread, contact me via PM by stating your name, how much you spent and I'll pay you back!
Happy earnings cheer12.gif
15 Jul 2010

"Gain is the only option."

[I apologize for the lenght and the complexity, but I believe (and I hope) it should be worth it.]

Infinity Downline is, as of today, the MLM with the highest income on the internet. 25 $ for every new affiliate, given to you monthly. The society is apparently not going to crumble anytime soon... after all, it's direct client-to-client payments, while Multiplex.inc gains a handful of our e-mail addressess.
If you don't know Infinity Downline yet, I'll explain briefly how does it work from their site:

You join for $25 (zero admin fee)
You get access to a bank of educational tools (the selling product).
You get the $25 back instantly with your first person.
You make residual income every 30 days.
Did you catch that last bullet point? Residual income. That's the key. No more do you have to work and work and work and each month start all over again. How do you think that company's like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company's that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it.
We realized this years ago and have now set the ID system up for you to capitalize on it. We have made it available for the masses. Imagine getting 20 members a month. That's $500 this month. Then get 20 the second month. That's $500 right? WRONG! That's $1000 this month. Don't forget about the first month. Then build some more. Get 20 more during the third month. That's $500 right. Ah Ha! I can't trick you. Now you are getting it. It's $1500!
Let's take a look at it...
Month 1 20 X $25 = $500 monthly
Month 2 20 X $25 = $1000 monthly
Month 3 20 X $25 = $1500 monthly
Month 4 20 X $25 = $2000 monthly
Month 5 20 X $25 = $2500 monthly
Month 6 20 X $25 = $3000 monthly
Month 7 20 X $25 = $3500 monthly
Month 8 20 X $25 = $4000 monthly
Month 9 20 X $25 = $4500 monthly
Month 10 20 X $25 = $5000 monthly
Month 11 20 X $25 = $5500 monthly
Month 12 20 X $25 = $6000 monthly
You see how it keeps building? Not bad for a $25 program. Then factor in all the rollups from the rollups and the income is staggering! The income will easily dwarf what is illustrated above.
We also expect a VERY HIGH retention rate too. Here's why...
The product will continually be added to and updated. Think about this too... I mentioned before that you break even with just one person. If your members have at least on active person in their group, they break even so why would they leave? The members are locked in. If someone is at a break even and probably a positive cash flow, chances are very high that they will stay on board and pay you $25.
Your income will compound. Here's why...
The reverse 2 Up System will multiply the $25 payments by geometric progression. How? The 2nd and 4th referrals of every member roll up to their sponsor as a training bonus thus increasing your income. This happens over and over for these people as each in turn continue to roll up 2 for every one person you sponsor. Just one referral can easily multiply to dozens of people in no time each sending you $25 every month. *Watch the compensation plan video from the tab on the top of this page.
This is without the doubt the most powerful program
you will find anywhere on the net.
Nothing else offers you such an easy way to masses of money!!
Think about it this way... For only $25 a month, it's like you are running your own network marketing program. You don't have to spend the tens of thousands of dollars to set up and run it. No experience needed. In fact, the hosting is included and you do no support, training or product updates either. Most programs cost $300 a month just to host it and up to $25,000 in software to track everything. Your cost... $25 a month. It's perfect!

The "Reverse 2 Up System" is better explained in this video:


All right. Sounds good? Can we make it even better than this?

The project:
And here goes my little project. I currently get 125 $ per month and I can confirm by myself that the system works just as described. I recently started thinking how I could expand my downline.
There are already programs promising you four affiliates if you join them. Truth is: it's easier said than done.
Let's make an example. If 200 people join the same team, only the first 50 will get their four. And 800 people will be needed to give four affiliates to the first 200. As you can see, you need to be one of the initial "founders", and a lot of people to join after you, to start making money.
However, I thought the concept was very interesting. And I believe that, on a lesser scale and with a little fixing, it could work better.
How about a list which could give you two affiliates? And how about adding a "refund clause"? In fact, my project is focused on these two rules. If you join you will:

1) Take a place in the above-mentioned list, which will (hopefully) give you two affiliates.
2) Agree to refund the one who payed you as long as he doesn't get one person from the same list (one month time). In other words, neither the sponsor nor the affiliate will get/lose money as long as both of them don't have one person.

The latter means that the ones who still don't have anyone in their program will be automatically covered by their sponsor (who, in turn, were covered by THEIR sponsor). The sponsor will start making actual money when his affiliate will arrive to the break-even point.

Let me explain the first rule. Everytime someone joins, they will update the list and re-post it with his name in, and will then pay the one who they have to pay. Of course, it's useful to double-check the list in other posts before adding anything.
This means that everybody will have almost the certainty to receive two affiliates, OUTSIDE what they will do in the program by himself. And, should they still risk to lose another 25 $ in the second month, they will be refunded by his sponsor.

The list would go on to become something like this:

1) (2)
2) (3; 4)
3) (5; 6)
4) (7; 8)
5) (9; 10)
6) (11; 12)
7) (13; 14)
8) (15; 16)
9) (17; 18)
10) (19; 20)
11) (21; 22)
12) (23; 24)

The first one (that would be me) will get the second one. The second one will get the third and the fourth. The third will get the fifth and the sixth.

As you can see, gain is almost granted for the first people who join. However, I want anyone to experience some sort of income from this project.
There is one thing that becomes very important now, the only thing every member will need you to do: sponsor the project itself. The way you want, how much you want, but do it.
Think about it: the last one will get the first one only when the list will get as many people as the ones who joined before him (4 will need 4 people to get their first, 8 will need 8 other people).
Sounds too hard? I personally don't think so.

Read carefully: two are the reasons why:
First reason: everyone will get 25$ proportionally to the extension of the list itself (Reverse 2 Up yet again). So, more people join the project, more you will gain.

Do you remember you get your affiliate's second affiliate?
"2"finds "3". Life-time payment covered as long as "3" stays in.
He then finds "4", who goes to his sponsor.
How to find his third affiliate? By himself? He should probably start moving if he wants to build his own business, but it's not strictly necessary.
Our "3"now gets "5" and "6". "5" pays "3", but "6" goes to the sponsor of "3", that would mean "2". Just like "2" had to do before. And here is his third affiliate!

When the list will get 12 people, "2" will get 50$ per month. By doing almost nothing by himself and by pure teamwork power.
Second reason: as we deducted from the first reason, everyone will gain something by making this list larger. The point is: how to find people?
While someone usually needs to sponsor a MLM by convincing his potential clients one by one, this kind of project revolves about some sort of "viral marketing". That's why you need to...

Become a sponsor of this project!
It's pretty easy, actually. Take this link and be sure to spread it as much as you can. This forum (via signature), social networks like Facebook, e-mailsā€¦ the way you prefer. The one who will read everything will probably be intrigued by the good possibility of making money with zero risks, will get into this forum and start to spread the link itself.
Remember just one thing: if, by this little advertisement, everyone brings in one person... everyone has two people. It's maths.
Another example: a total of 50 people join. Of course, the 50th will get his affiliate when there will be 100 people, but:
1) The 50th will be refunded as long as there are not 100 people.
2) There well be 49 other people advertising.
Not counting that the 50th will of course be able to find people by himself.

What NOT to do:
1) Do not spam, in this forum or anywhere else. This project needs to be serious to succeed, the best thing would be not the let it become a chain-letter of sorts.
2) Do not post you referral link here.

To sum it up!
* 1 creates the list.
* 2 becomes 1's affiliate and asks him for his referral link, privately.
* 1 agrees to give 2 his 25 $ if, in one month time, the list will not have 3 members.
* 3 and 4 join the list, and they both become 2's affiliates and ask him for his referral link, privately.
* 2 agrees to give 3 his 25 $ if, in one month time, the list will not have 6 members.
* 4 goes to 1 (Remember the Reverse 2 Up? Our second goes to our sponsor).
* 1 agrees to give 4 his 25 $ if, in one month time, the list will not have 8 members.

And so on.

Note: It's strongly suggested to 1, 2, 3 and 4 to sponsor this announce. How? Easy, put a signature under your name with the link of this topic, post the link on your Facebook account, your Twitter, let other guys see it!
Remember that if 1, 2, 3 and 4 will get just one extra person (average) to join the list, the list will arrive to 8 people and 4 will get his affiliate! Teamwork will be a strong part of the program.
Being sure to have directed one person to this list is the only thing you will have to achieve in this program.

I will remind you the progression of the list:
1st) (2nd)
2nd) (3rd; 4th)
3rd) (5th; 6th)
4th) (7th; 8th)
5th) (9th; 10th)
6th) (11th; 12th)
7th) (13th; 14th)
8th) (15th; 16th)
9th) (17th; 18th)
10th) (19th; 20th)
11th) (21th; 22th)
12th) (23th; 24th)

You are in the second brackets. Your sponsor is on the left.
If there are suggestions, questions or other ideas... I am more than happy to hear all of them. smile.gif

Note: the project is still in a test phase.
If a general consensus is met, we will begin. Of course, if someone expresses interest in the project, he/she can "pre-order" a place in the list right now.
I remind you that, as the first one, I will personally refund my affiliate as long as he/she doesn't get his two.
And, even in the worst-case scenario, if you are still in, you can just quit the list or both the list and ID.
P.S. The list is NOT a single downline.
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