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Ignorant Paypal, Chargeback Dispute
post Dec 22 2011, 01:58 PM
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New MoneyMaker

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From the DP forums where i posted it earlier:
Hello all

Since 9th December Paypal have told me that the buyer of a webdevelopment package which I had invoiced for the seller/developer (i'll explain further soon) had intiated a chargeback under the code of 83 which means the payment was unauthorised. I really dont see how it was unauthorised because the invoice was sent to the buyer who clicked on Pay Invoice, I did not force them at all. The invoice was for $2000+. So I was looking over Paypal's guides on how to investigate and how they investigate wrong chargebacks, and what it suggests is to contact the buyer, And so over the 13 days i sent 4 emails to the buyer and I recieved no reply at all, and i also sent several emails to the buyer via my business email with no reply at all, So each day i added a note to the PayPal dispute page letting paypal know that the buyer does not obviously want to communicate so there is little more I could do, i also rang up PayPal to see if there was anything I could do and the person on the phone said they would put a note on my account to show that I did ring up to try and fix this.

And so today I recieved this email from PayPal

Title: The buyer's credit card company reversed the charges for a payment you received. (Case ID no ****)

Dear ****,

Using the information you sent us, we are disputing the buyer's request to
reverse the payment.

The buyer's card company has reversed the charges for this payment. The
funds have been removed from your account at this time. If the card company
decides the case in your favour, the funds will be available in your PayPal

The credit card company has charged PayPal a settlement fee for this
chargeback. According to the terms of the PayPal User Agreement, we debited
your PayPal account to cover this fee.

Transaction Details

Buyer's name: ******
Buyer's email: ****
Transaction ID: ****

Transaction date: 30 Oct 2011
Transaction amount: -$2,665.00 USD
Case no.: ********
Your transaction ID: ****

What to Do Next

To learn more about how to respond to a reversed payment, visit the
Resolution Centre and check out our tutorials.

If you want to send over additional information, please provide it as soon
as possible. Just log in to your PayPal account, go to the Resolution
Centre and click “Details” next to this case. For faster processing, choose
"Upload files".

If your PayPal account balance is negative because of this payment
reversal, please reimburse us by adding funds to your account or by sending
a check to the following address:

Attn: Accounting Department
P.O. Box 45950
Omaha, NE 68145-0950
United States
Due Dates

Keep in mind that the timeframe and outcome are determined by the credit
card company, not PayPal. It may take up to 75 days for the card company to
reach a final decision.

You're responsible for the amount of the reversed payment until the card
company reaches a decision. If your PayPal balance is negative because of
this, please add funds to your account as soon as possible.

Other details:

Reason for reversal

This transaction is not marked as eligible for Seller Protection.

Questions? Go to your PayPal account and click "Help" the top right corner
of any page.

Yours sincerely,


It does say that If my account is now in the negative that I should add funds to my account. The problem is, I cant because i dont have any funds, my account is linked to my bank account and that does not have that many funds, The money that i recieved from the buyer was sent to the seller last month. So i've been looking paypals User Agreement: https://cms.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/?cmd=_ren...;locale.x=en_GB And if you look at 5.2 :
5.2 Amounts you owe us and Multiple Currencies. If one of the currency Balances in your Account shows that you owe us an amount of funds for any reason, PayPal may set-off the amount you owe us by using funds you maintain in a different currency Balance or by deducting amounts you owe PayPal from money you receive into your Account, or money you attempt to withdraw or send from your Account, or in a different Account, and by deducting funds from any withdrawals you attempt to make. If, for a period of 21 Days, you have a Balance that reflects an amount owing to us that is not in Euros, PayPal will convert the amount you owe us to Euros (the Exchange Rate & Fee will be applied to any conversion).

At no point in that paragraph does it say that any money owed will be taken from my bank account. So if i keep checking my bank every day I should not see a payment taken out of my bank from paypal for this money? And what exactly does it mean "set-off"?

As i mentioned at the beginning, I am in sense, the middle man , This person has several other people working for him doing the same job, invoicing people for web based products (web development etc) and forwarding the money onto him minus a $500 fee (to keep for your self). I have done 2 invoices and i've only had 1 of them chargeback so far. Last time i heard from him was a few weeks back when he had just come out from hospital, So several times during this I have emailed him with no reply and also tried to contact him on MSN, I have no idea wether he is just simply blocked/ignoring me or is genuinally away from a computer/msn/internet or back in hospital. So i have got my friend to add him on MSN and to monitor wether or not he comes online so i can see if he's blocking me or not.

I was going to do a chargeback on one of the payments i sent to the seller but because it was sent money abroad option on my bank, I rang them up earlier and they said they would take a £25.00 fee from me for the chargeback but it would not gurantee that i would get the money back, so even if i did not get the money back i would still be £25.00 out of pocket.

So, so far im a bit confused and not exactly sure what I should do. Supposing reading the email the credit card company from the buyer could still delcine to continue the chargeback and my paypal balance will be returned to a netural state.


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post Jun 15 2015, 04:38 PM
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New MoneyMaker

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post Aug 11 2015, 06:44 AM
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New MoneyMaker

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I have had a few,small,chargebacks in the last few weeks. Account holder claims the purchase was unauthorised and therefore keeps goods and gets refund as Paypal tends to side with buyer.
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