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27 Jun 2011
BlogReloaded is a place where I will share what I have done to make over $2,000 per month from affiliate marketing to those who have just started working with affiliate networks. My guides and tutorials are always understandable and easy to follow as I think that we are here to learn from each other, not teaching or coaching.

Affiliate marketing has been mentioned a lot of time here and most of you who are with BlogReloaded knew that it is not easy to make huge amount of commissions from the beginning. Super affiliate marketers spent years building up their brand and relationships with their fellow readers. Therefore, you should never think that you can get rich overnight and never trust anyone who tell you that you can make thousands of USD by doing nothing. That is a fool!

From my own experiences work with affiliate networks so far, I must say that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should explore yourself to maximize your revenue. You can not expect the same results from every affiliate network you participate in.

Here are some tutorials that worked very well with me and I hope it would work with you too:

1. Skill to choose products to promote:

You are not a master of everything on the Internet and your readers are coming to your blog for a purpose then choosing the right products to promote is a key to success. You can not advertise fashion clothes on a hitech niche blog.

2. Skill to choose right banners from your selected products:

For every products and services of your choice, try to get the best banners and you should never use text link as it is not attractive and you can not drive your readers attention to click on it too. How to do this? Most of vendors have a series of promotional banners for their affiliates and you should choose what you think can be well converted. The bigger, the better from my point of views. The animated banners usually perform better than static ones.

3. Skill to convince your readers to click on your affiliate links:

This seems to be the most challenging skill and even professional bloggers sometimes get stuck with CTR. However, it can easily be improved with some supporting tools and I would recommend you all to get Ninja Affiliate which can tag your keywords with your affiliate link to increase CTR automatically. You can get it today for just $37 (the regular price is $97 and you save $60). See my review on this plugin to see how it works.

4. Skill to choose positions to place banners:

When you have selected your banners of your favorite products, now it is time to think about where to place these banners to get most exposed to your readers and earn big commissions. The above-the-fold theory seems always right but sometimes, you should try to put at place where your readers can read your contents and banners catch their eyes like within single posts.

5. Skill to choose affiliate networks to join:

Not all affiliate networks works well with your blog. Each of theme serves different kinds of clients and they has variety of products too. Shareasale is my suggestion with a lot of vendors with advanced tracking tool. CJ is also a good one but it does not have wordpress theme products there. You can still monetize both of them. See my article regarding top 5 affiliate networks or top 11 secrets to boost CJ commissions.

6. Your own creativities and approaches that can make a difference.

Do you think that success from high profile bloggers has some lucks? Yes, I think so but it contributes very small percent to their success and the majority comes from their creativities and approaches they have applied to climb higher ahead of others.

With that said, I think you will definitely get your first sales in a short time and it will be doubled or tripled or even much higher in the near future. Nothing is impossible and I must repeat that you should learn from others to get your own formula, there is no one-size-fit-all out there.
27 Jun 2011
Affiliate marketing is always considered the most challenging model for generating commissions especially those who have just started working with affiliate programs without any experiences. I have struggled with myself that why I could not generate any sales for such a long time since I started working with affiliate networks and finally I found my own way to go with affiliate marketing and it can be of your interest too.
High volume of traffic to your websites can generate a lot of clicks or impressions that can be good for PPC or CPM, it can also, at the same time, generate a lot of fraudulent clicks that can lead to termination of your account and your earning will never be paid. Affiliate marketing does not need general traffic but targeted visitors who can really sign up or generate sales for you.

Many bloggers and webmasters are now building up a magazine sites or technology-related blogs which cover a wide range of information. You can write up 10+ articles about technology-related news, products and services which is similar to other big sites, therefore, you are not competitive with those BIG sites and very limited to generate sales even zero. It is not good model for affiliate marketing while micro-niche sites work very well.
Putting yourself as a prospect who are searching for a specific product for your project like Magic members plugin, are you confident buying it from a general news sites where you will find nothing about this tool, just a banner? I will never do that as I will put myself at risk with uninformed decision and time-consuming when I am not happy with that tool and want to make a refund. Micro-niche blogs will provide readers with more comprehensive information about one product or even one aspect of the product that other blogs have never mentioned before. This will encourage readers to make purchase easily.

I have tested two micro-niche sites on ebook and laptop which auto-aggregate products information from Amazon on autopilot. It does not violate Amazon policies or TOS as I use an API feature that is permitted by Amazon and it generated a lot of sales every month now.

Compared to other news-related sites with 10x times of traffic higher, these micro-niche sites still generate 50X times of sales per month. That is why I have planned to build up more micro-niche sites in the coming months and it can be a good example for you all too.

To do so, you need to be good at your niche or micro-niche you are going with. The sale ratio must be higher than any news-related sites. If you are working with health niche, you should focus on a smaller part of health like weight loss, skin care….or any tutorials to avoid side effects of a curtain weight loss pills.

Don’t expect that a high volume of traffic general news websites can bring up high volume of sales as it is at least wrong to me and many other high profile bloggers.
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