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20 Jul 2015
I am not admin.

CryptoCarat LTD is owned and operated by Cryptocarat Limited. Our CEO is Mr.James Strauss, a specialist in crypto currency trading and stock investments. The two companies work together to serve different target groups. Both companies are dealing with investments on the stock markets, bonds, trade of commodities and currencies. CryptoCarat LTD was established by its parent to serve the needs of smaller scale investors who wish to participate in the stock market trade but do not have the necessary capital to do so.CryptoCarat LTD is a company completely backed by the financial resources of Cryptocarat Limited Services and has the financial back up to maintain stable growth and expansion. Our team is compiled of market experts and investment specialists provided by Cryptocarat Services. The work of our skillful employees made this project a reality and together with our members we will establish the grounds of a stable investment platform that CryptoCarat LTD was originally created to be. With this we will be able to always bring stable investment experience to people globally.

2% daily for 25 business days
Mini -$10 ,Max - $500
Daily Interest Rate: 2%
Total Profit: 150%

2.50% daily for 30 business days plan
Mini -$250,Max-$2500
Daily Interest Rate: 2.50%
Total Profit: 175%

3% daily for 40 business days plan

Mini - $500, Max - $5000
Daily Interest Rate: 3%
Total Profit: 220%

3.50% daily for 50 business days plan

Mini - $1k, Max - $10k
Daily Interest Rate: 3.50%
Total Profit: 275%

300% After 25 Business Days
Total Profit: 300%

500% After 35 Business Days
Mini - $500, Max - $2500
Total Profit: 500%

700% After 50 Business Days
Mini - $1K , Max - $5k
Total Profit: 700%

900% After 60 Business Days
Mini - $2k, Max - $10k
Total Profit: 900%

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8 Jul 2015
I am not admin.

Welcome to Spectron Ltd. online home office. Spectron Ltd. are specialists in trading and investing in mainly stocks, bonds, gold, Forex and private equity funds and hedge funds on the international market.

At Spectron Ltd. Our Company's assets are managed by professional team of specialist who match the extensive experience in the field of work. Long term strategies are formulated by skilled managers who grew up in the business. We know a reputation with honesty and integrity is essential to our business. We strive to deliver the highest levels of client service, and are focused on creating value for our clients.

Our goal is to provide quality service for our investors by delivering superior management performance and top of the line expertise. An essential part of this vision is delivering superior returns to our shareholders, consistent with our pre-defined risk profile and comparable to other best-in-class corporations. We strive to increase the value of our business. We know that what our clients really want is to make a profit in a relatively short period of time.

We, as a company, remain committed to social responsibility. In all of our actions we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental and social factors are considered. We believe that this responsible approach, combined with our unique set of skills, makes us more reliable and successful.

6.00 % - 7.00% daily for 20 Days
4.34% - 5.00% daily for 30 Days
4.00% - 6.00% daily for 45 Days.

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7 Jul 2015
I am not admin.

Business Company - a long-term investment program, which aims to provide some income to investors, as well as the salaries of the project personnel. For safe operation, the system was used bulletproof hosting, SSL certificate installed security transfer of personal data, as well as a license script goldcoders.
Our system works with the most flexible payment systems - perfectmoney, payeer, qiwi and bitcoin. These bills provide maximum anonymity of our depositors.
are picked up attractive tariff plans that will allow users to choose how best to make money.
The system design carefully planned and designed for long-term existence, which would guarantee timely payments on deposits and payments referral rewards.
An important part of the project is its referral system that will create a long-term passive income to our members. Three levels of referrals you can provide a good income for many months.
For those of you has an experienced team of experts, with a good amount of knowledge. We will answer all your questions. We are glad to cooperate and open to your suggestions.


Study plan 10 days
Deposit Amount ($) Daily income
$ 1.00 - $ 10.00 100
$ 11.00 - $ 50.00 1.50
$ 51.00 - $ 500.00 2.00

The average tariff 15 days
Deposit Amount ($) Daily income
$ 10.00 - $ 100.00 1.66
$ 101.00 - $ 500.00 2.00
$ 501.00 - $ 5000.00 2.33

Business tariff 20 days

Deposit Amount ($) Daily income
$ 50.00 - $ 300.00 2.00
$ 301.00 - $ 1000.00 2.25
$ 1001.00 - $ 10000.00 2.50

Professional Plan 30 days
Deposit Amount ($) Daily income
$ 300.00 - $ 1000.00 3.00
$ 1001.00 - $ 10000.00 3.33
$ 10001.00 - $ 100,000.00 3.66

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6 Jul 2015
I am not admin.

When it comes to potentially gaining higher yields with maximum control, GSR Global investments put you firmly in the driver's seat. We help you:
Enjoy higher interest rates.
Maximize your opportunity for financial gain with tenors as short as 1 month.
Receive real-time account alerts. Set up real-time account alerts to notify you via email when your balance is changed, when transactions post, or when you have been issued a payment.
View your GSR Global account balances and transactions.
Check current balances for your Fixed Deposit accounts.
View transaction activity for Fixed Deposit accounts - quickly and easily.

Transferring funds:
Make transfers to and from your linked GSR Global Fixed Deposit account.
Transfer funds from any payment processor, without leaving the comfort of your lovely chair.
Enjoy instant Fixed Deposit approval.
Keep your privacy protected - no obligation to provide government-issued ID.

Register today through our secure online form and you could have an active account with GSR Global in mere minutes.

4,0% - 4.54% daily for 30 days
154% - 504% after 30 - 90 days

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5 Jul 2015
I am not admin.

At Prime Riches we realized that the most money is to be made in the new digital era. While computer processing power costs less and less, the money changing hands online is becoming more and more. By using advanced FOREX robots which are actively monitored and developed daily, we are able to achieve enormous investment returns!

We are constantly working round the clock, so you can rest or sleep calmly, knowing your money is working for you each hour, each minute. Why would you work day by day when you could live off your savings? Remember, each millionaire made one smart decision, which made them a fortune! Don't miss this opportunity, invest with Prime Riches now!

- 3% - 4% DAILY FOR 90 DAYS.
- 550%-900% AFTER 75 DAYS.

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