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Manusia Tanah
entry Apr 28 2013, 11:39 PM
5 Tips for Home Safe from Theft
When you're going out of the house for long periods of time such as when you're on vacation of course your house will be empty and an easy target by the criminals commonly called a thief or robber. Kata Bijak Home security Margahayuland bumi orange

To make your home safe from thieves there are various ways that you should try and from a variety of anti-theft safe way would I give you 8 ways home safe from thieves following:
1. Put CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are not just for use to monitor traffic or public places. You can use CCTV cameras in your home to be able to prevent a thief visited your house.

And if the thief was still determined to steal your home and face criminal action footage of the thief will be recorded clearly and facilitate the police to immediately arrest the thief. You can get in a variety of CCTV CCTV distributor Gunnebo example of PT Indolok Bakti and various CCTV Distributor or other agent

2. Treat Your Home With Good

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well take care of the house here is fix everything related to your home about security. Example homes damaged locks, broken fences that are easy on and so forth. Because there is not only a crime of intention culprit but because there is a chance.

In addition, if your home well cared for, it will make thieves think that the inhabitants have heavy security

3. Make sure the house is completely covered

not just lock the doors and windows of your home while traveling but you should do the same thing when you're at home. Because in this age of the thief is getting desperate, daring thief could break into the house while the occupants were crowded.

Put a cloth curtains in every window of the house, including in the area behind the house, like the kitchen. Because if without curtains, the thieves will easily stalking your every activity and know when you are careless.

4. Keep your valuables in the Safe

One of the best ways to secure your home from thieves that keep your valuables in a hidden place and you make sure that you store valuables will be safe. Better yet, keep your valuables in a safe deposit box because if your valuables in a safe place then it will increase the security of your home. Already ample evidence that the store valuables in the safe can prevent burglary as an example you can see the article on the failed box Chubbsafes thieves burglarized, or 100 robberies Jt failure thanks to the Safe Kasteel

Use the top shelf or under the bed to store suitcases or large travel bag. Thieves will be targeting large bags to store loot. The bigger the bag is found, the more items that were taken from your home.

5. Memorized condition when last house left

You should memorize the current condition of the house last left off because in this way you can quickly realize when there is a change in your home, such as the position of a moving item or even lost items. Kata Bijak Home security Margahayuland bumi orange

yes that's 5 best ways that your home is safe from thieves. Remember always be vigilant and make sure the security of your home in good shape, because crime can happen anytime. Hopefully useful and thank you

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