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entry Dec 11 2011, 04:47 PM
Talk about DV feature, maybe a lot of people will find that many technologies seems to be immutable, seen this year, can still be seen next year. Is simply a little taste of new bottle. If you are talking DC, people say, I am afraid that many don't understand with reason, rapid growth, LCD, increasing the ISO sensitivity, also there are many new features, and more. Actually in many understanding of people eye in, DC although technology progress more fast, but many technology are JVC BN-VF707U Battery Charger just a cover-up operation, such as ISO speed of improve, in used CCD of physical photographic components era, far than film of ISO photographic improve came easy, may focus is not speed can improve how many, but improve Hou of effect, is letter noise than can reduced how many, if noise points cannot control, screen effect difference, I'm afraid many new function are just chicken only.

DV technologies seem more mature and conservative, but in fact, change is not. Products this year than last year's progress capabilities have increased a lot. In General, and some features are characteristic of reservations last year, some high-end to low-end DV DV transplantation, some belonging to the new development. In any case, for DV very mature products, promotion of each function and the changes are welcome, after all, dynamic research and development of products to be harder than the static. These new features are practical, what is a chicken or a cake we consumers need to know this. Because we purchase DV in the final analysis is used to make a video recording, does not function in the bells and whistles, can play the effect is the best, is the bear's paw, or the chicken. Now pay attention to is from a live consumer, spend money, can't buy a practical product is wasted.

First, touch the screen

Almost all DV is the use of liquid crystal display (Sanyo brand DV model instead of a normal LCD screen), the main is to help the photographer better and multi-angle screen shot also provides playback viewing Help. Because when you are working in DV, so the earliest exposure to and understanding of DV, all through the LCD screen. So DV LCD screens for better or worse, also determines the worth of DV and grades. Touch-sensitive LCD screen first appeared on the Sony DV, 2002, and was the LCD touch screen is far less now ripe, many features can also be used to complete, can be considered a prototype and Nikon MH-65 Battery Charger the price is high, not to mention lower-end products, in the end product is not equipped with. In the new DVD905E 06, Sony uses its own research and development of Super crystal color display for the first time, apart from having touch control features, screen resolution up to 211,000 pixels.

In accordance with the touch screen works and transmission of information media, DV using a resistive touch screen, the touch screen control using pressure-sensitive. Resistance touch screen of main part is a and monitor surface very tie of resistance film screen, it to a layer glass or hard plastic flat as grass-roots, surface coated has a layer transparent oxidation metal conductive layer, above then cover has a layer appearance surface hardening processing, and smooth anti-wipe of plastic layer, dang finger touch screen Shi, two layer conductive layer in touch points location on has has contact, resistance occurred changes, in x and y two a direction Shang produced signal, then sent to touch screen controller, controller reconnaissance to this a contact and calculation out (X,Y) Location, depending on how to simulate a mouse operation. This is the most basic principles of technology for resistive touch screen.

Touch screen of appeared, greatly convenient has people for DV menu of set and operation, also greatly simplified has DV machine who complex of button, is because see has DV touch LCD screen of features, many DV manufacturers has in its its products configuration, such as Panasonic, it of products on has and Sony as of touch LCD screen function, despite this may increased some cost, but using in the help also is is large of. However due to the LCD touch screen more delicate, so for conductive materials such as water and oil are more sensitive, if the consumer does not watch, easily damaged and need to clean with a soft cloth after each use, otherwise the screen is very dirty.

Second, optical anti-shake

Apart from touch-sensitive LCD screen people attention this year, optical anti-shake are starting to become an important feature of DV feature. This may be from the impact of low end digital camera optical anti-shake system configuration. No matter what is DV, are equipped with an anti-shake system, one is electronic anti-shake, and second, optical anti-shake.

General electronic and optical anti-shake anti-shake what is the difference between them? Optical anti-shake is detected using circuit after dithering of the lens, with motor-driven camera lenses within a group, in the optical axis of horizontal or vertical, mechanical movement to compensate for jitter of the image on the CCD. Principle and manufacture of optical anti-shake is more complex, the cost is relatively high. Electronic anti-shake principle is to use more pixels of Nikon Coolpix S220 Battery Charger the CCD, recorded with circuit to analyze which pixels of the image is clear, which is vague, and then discard fuzzy image, select clear pixels down. Thus, we can see that of lenses for optical stabilization is an active movement to rectify images of shaking, may of course has made to the virtual screen. Electronic anti-shake is just passive power processing, method of mathematical operation used to select the relatively clear image, so the effect is generally not very good.

Optical anti-shake for cost reasons, are not common enough on the DV, with a lot of Panasonic, optical anti-shake is a very practical for DV feature, and LCD touch screen.

Third, the 5.1-channel output

5.1-channel has been widely used in various traditional cinema and home theater, audio recording of some of the more well-known compression formats, such as Dolby AC-3 (DolbyDigital), DTS are 5.1 sound system for technical blueprint. In fact, comes from 4.1 surround 5.1 sound system, the difference is that it added a central unit. This central unit responsible for less than 80Hz of audio programmes transmitted signal, when enjoying movies in favour of strengthening the human voice dialogue focused on the middle of the field as a whole, in order to increase the overall effect. Believe every real experienced DolbyAC-3 of friends will be impressed by the 5.1-channel sound.

Compare with DC, DV to not only record screen, more of a site collection and restore sound real. In fact, according to the current DV specification, record a 12bit four-channel audio signal is perfectly possible, but mainly a post-production way, so if combined with support for 5.1 channel DV users of DVD audio enjoyment level. it is for this reason, this year's Sony 5.1-channel output has spread to the port on DVD models. But the sound system DV will bring a certain level of cost pressures, in fact, low on DV models, and even video effects can not guarantee very good, so output seems to be some good sound effects do not meet the general consumer demand. High end DV equipment is possible, but in the end DV does not seem to be necessary, too fancy, and not a very useful feature.

Four, double recording

A new concept of functionality was first developed by Sony. Dual recording feature shot in dynamic mode 2.3 million pixels can capture high-resolution still images. Due to limited conventional imaging sensors read speed, shooting still images only with VGA video mode sizing storage. You want to capture high-resolution still images, you need to change the shooting mode. Dual recording functionality through the enhanced imaging processor ClearVidCMOS sensor reading to a large number of pixel data.

Dynamic press photo shot to capture static

This is a new and interesting features, not only to maintain dynamic picture and static picture can be taken directly, this feature is present only on the high end DV models, has not been universal. This function actually currently for also is often development future of, after all who are wanted to has dynamic image of while and can records Xia static shooting of happy, so apart from cost too high, this function on CCD or CMOS of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 Battery Charger pixel also has great of requirements, therefore universal of difficulty also comparison large, currently defined for chicken or paws are too early, after all has so high of price support, which consumer will mind more a interesting of function Ah? Consumption levels are different, have different needs.

Five, AV input and output

AV input and output functions cannot be lumped together. As a camera, whether it's home or professional, AV output always exists, otherwise can't monitor and TV is. Input function on each DV has not, at least low-end digital cameras don't, albeit a AV screen terminal plus a processing circuit, but it can provide input for AV video, still not small. For no AV input needs friends, of course, this feature is optional. But in their daily lives, we believe that this feature is to keep some important image data would be very useful.

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